IPIHAN Part 3 started

Dear followers,

We welcome you all again at another edition of ‘If paradise is half as nice’. We, Pim, Bram, Willem, Daan and Ties, are looking forward again to working in Leipzig the next four weeks. New adventures, a new abandoned factory, new art and eventually a new show.

At the moment of writing, we are already in Leipzig for a few days. These days we spent on searching for a new location for this years edition of our project. And we succeeded already. We found a perfect building and this means that from today on, we will start working on our individual works that in the end will lead to an exhibition on the spot.

After seeing some of the buildings we have seen last year as well and seeing some new locations, we decided on a building that has a totally different character compared to last years edition. For now, we don’t want to give away too much, but we can tell you that we are very enthusiastic about our new spot and hope you all will follow us again during the next few weeks and we hope to see many of you at the different presentation moments that will follow.

More to be announced soon…

DSC02355 DSC02375 DSC02393 DSC02403 DSC02408 DSC02442 DSC02454 DSC02473 DSC02487 DSC02481


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