IPIHAN 3 in full flow!

We are halfway the project and we feel the pressure growing. Only five days before the opening and still pretty much to do. A quick visual update…


Bram is finishing up his first work here. While writing this he is already working on the next intervention. (photo Regina Kelaita)


Daan is quick. Here working on his third of fourth piece already. (photo Regina Kelaita)


Pim is stretching out on multiple levels already. (photo Regina Kelaita)


A very early piece of Ties. This work is finished and he is now trying to walk on water. (photo Regina Kelaita)


And Willem was thinking for a while, but has come much further since then. (photo Regina Kelaita)



Regina Kelaita is shooting photo’s, films and at the same moment is editing, cutting, masking, spending hours behind the computer screen.






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